Heating Oil Help

Things are getting wild and woolly all over the world and oil prices are volatile.

Sometimes it’s legitimate.

Most times it is fear, a lot of fear, generated by the speculators who are trading on Wall Street.

They bump up the cost of crude oil up, which then bumps up the cost of home heating oil and other petroleum-based products.

Then you and I both suffer.

I’m a homeowner just like you, and I have heating oil as my major source of heat.

I bet you didn’t know that your heating bill, is made up of anywhere from 40 to 60% by heating just your home and not taking into consideration your hot water.

You can heat by electricity, natural gas, wood, or oil. F.Y.I. these days it’s a dead heat between natural gas and oil heat for cost with electricity being brutally high. 

I’m going to focus on oil heat in this report and make sure you stay warm all winter and don’t spend a fortune.

In fact, I’m about to share with you some impressive improvements in the oil heating industry that have been virtually hidden from consumers that I used to cut my heating costs in 1/2.

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